The Journey to Emmaus

Paraphrased by Jerome C.

So basically what happened is that Cleopas, and Simon were walking on a road to a city called Emmaus. While walking on the road a stranger approached them, but unbeknownst to them it was Jesus.

Jesus made it so they could not recognize him, and he asked them why they looked so sad. This Simon explained the events of the Paschal mystery, in which their friend, the Messiah Jesus had just been handed over to the Jewish authorities and crucified, He also explained their disappointment in which their hopes of Jesus redeeming Jerusalem were all but lost. Jesus rebutted Well hey maybe this whole crucifixion thing was part of his plan, so don't be so foolish to just write Jesus off.

Then when they got to Emmaus Simon and Cleopas said to Jesus that he should have dinner with them, since it is getting dark. At dinner Jesus broke the bread and gave it to Cleopas and Simon. The minute they ate it, they recognized Jesus and just like that Jesus disappeared. They then proceeded to find the other eleven disciples and tell them what they had seen.

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3 years ago

Great Job, Jerome!