My Electives


My first elective is Mystery Book Club and that is where we watch mystery movies and read mystery books like Mystery in the moonlight. I like Mystery Book Club because we always watch Scooby Dooby Doo !!!!!!!


My second elective is Spectacular Sports and I like that because we get to play really, really fun games. Sometimes we get out the dodge balls, the pins, the mats, and the yarn balls. In this game, we have to try to knock down the other teams pins.


Finally, my last elective in Spanish and I like that because we learn Spanish words like hola! My teacher is Mrs. Hemenway  and every day she passes out our Spanish packets. Most of the time we have free time! When ever we have free time people are always asking if we can play bingo and when ever she says yes most people want to play bingo and they run to the carpet!

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