Sample Musical Instrument Tackk

Whether you choose to present in Google Slides or Tackk, use this model to help plan your presentation and to help make sure you don't leave out anything important.  Read each section carefully before clicking on anything, and pay special attention to asterisked (*) information.


When was the first guitar made?  Who is credited with making the first one?

How has the guitar changed over time?

*A picture of an early guitar might be interesting here.

How does it make its unique sound?

What orchestral family does your instrument belong to?  Do you strike, strum, or blow to create sound?

In what ways is it similar to the other members of its family?

What makes it have a different sound from other members of its family?

What parts might need special care or cleaning, or occasional replacement?

Music & Musicians

Who are two musicians who are well known for your instrument?  What style of music do/did they play?  Are there any pieces of music they played that they are best known for?  Include a picture of each of your artists.

Additionally, add a piece of music as an mp3 file to your presentation.  Be sure to pick one that really features your instrument.

Works Cited

Did you cite all print and electronic sources that gave you information for your assignment?

Did you include all the information to correctly cite in MLA style?

*For websites, it is NOT sufficient to simply write the URL.  Find out as much information as you can about the site - creator, sponsor, copyright, etc.

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