Persuasive Essay  

          Why does the world need good people? If we didn't have good people in our world then the world will not be a safe place. We need good people because without them people would go crazy and do whatever they want and there will be no one there to stop them. I think we need good people for our safety.

          I think we need good people for our own safety and the worlds safety. A terrorist can take over an entire country with technology in the palm in there hand, without those good people there would be no one to stop them from killing innocent people. We need good people for our own safety so that we know someone is there to help if something bad happens. El Paso is one of the safest city in Texas but that does not mean that i can leave my door open or unlocked at night before i go to bed. Even though its the on of the safest cities doesn't mean that there isn't a bad person out there ready to break into a home. with good people I know that there somewhere for me if something bad happens. Some people might say that we don't need good people so that they can get away with crime or that they feel safe already with the amount of good people that we have or that they can defend for themselves.   

          So does the world really need good people? Personally i don't feel safe without good people there to protect us because then the world will be a tragic. If there wasn't good people there will be no way of stoping the bad people from harming others or protecting us. What kind of things should we do now to say thank you to the good people that we have today?

Letter Of Recommendation

Dear State Farm,

     Mr. Guereca and i met in the 1st grade, he was the first kid to ever talk to me that very first day of school. We had a lot of things in common such as we both like to play soccer, we both liked the same team and we both also loved to play video games. He was the smartest student in my class. He always had the best grades growing up through elementary, middle, and high school. He was also a very good student towards all his classmates.

     Mr. Guereca has many skills that are very useful for this job because he works really well with numbers and he is very good and talking to people and becoming friends with them. These skills can be very useful working there because you guys use numbers everyday to find the amount of insure etc. and you have people constantly coming in to your guises offices.

     I think he should get recommended for the job because of the very useful skills that has and how truly great he is with people.


Adrian Guizar Jr.

Letter Of Intent

Guizar Jr, Adrian

12345 Gilded Sun Dr

El Paso, 79938

May 18, 2015

Juan Julio Hernandez, McDonalds

Lead Chef

12345 Guilded Sun Dr.

El Paso, 79938

Dear Juan Julio Hernandez,

I want to get this job because i am really good at flipping burgers. I have a degree in cooking and I am still gong to school to get my master in cooking. I have visited many well known school for cooking to get a little more experience so i can be better in different ways and learn different styles of cooking. I have also worked at Wataburger and Jack in the Box and i think i can make it to lead chef here at McDonalds.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon.


Adrian Guizar Jr.


Adrian Guizar Jr.


12345 Juan Julio


I want to make it to a professional boxing career and fight for Showtime and HBO.

6 years Lujan Chavez Elementary School

-Passed every grade level with all A's

3 years Sun Ridge Middle School

-Passed every STARR Exam

4 years Pebble Hills High School

-Passed my EOC's

February 10, 2015 to May 2, 2015     Lead Chef


-Cooked food for the customers

-I am great with computers

-I can do computer designing

-Great customer skills

-Good at fighting


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