Aient Egypt

where ancient civilization

Either sides of the Nile, there were deserts east and west of the Famous River.There is one place that is one of the only places that the Egyptians were able to place crops. Called the "Blacklands". This is because that there would be a flood and that would make the land fertile every 3-4 years.There was a place around the civilization called "The Red Lands''. At night the temperature would drop to a cold. At this time there was a Lower Egypt and a Upper Egypt.

This map shows where the Nile river travels throughout lower and upper Egypt.
these photos show some of the gods the religous people worshiped and obeyed.

The book of the dead was not a actual book. It is a nickname for many magical spells.Religion guided people of Egypt based on polytheism or the gods that they worship. One such as Amun was worshiped throughout the whole country. The Egyptians had as many as 2000 gods and goddesses.

The Egyptians were grouped in a system with the pharaohs on the top and the farmers and slaves on the bottom .The diagram up top shows the social stucture of ancient Egypt.Social class is one of the most hotly contested categories in the study of society (compare race). For ancient Egypt the heat of the issue may be diffused by the vocabulary of structure and self-perception: in what ways does a society divide itself into separate segments, and how does it perceive its own internal divisions? Much as the issue of race or ethnic concerns the external boundaries of a society, so class involves its internal boundaries. Study may focus on the boundaries observed by the researcher, or on the boundaries perceived and expressed by the society, or on the contrast between the two.

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