Daniel Behan McQuaid, Upping his Golf Game

Daniel Behan McQuaid is a highly regarded teacher at Elijah Parish Lovejoy Middle School where he teaches American and world history it is class to many students throughout the year. He holds a Master’s degree in child in education from the University of Rochester. This has been his hometown for the past 25 years and teaching is one of his most extreme passions.

Daniel Behan McQuaid  also loves playing golf and every chance he gets he try to take some time to play golf out on the course. He teaches part-time at a local college during the summer, but the summers are an especially good time for him to find some time at the golf course. He knows that the hard work that he puts into his golf game can only improve his game so he takes a lot of prep time to practice as much as possible.

It takes a lot of patience and a lot of focus to truly master the game to the best of his ability and he knows that mental discipline is a part of that and physical discipline comes into the picture as well. In this way it is not unlike a great deal of sports which are focused on the mental and physical aspects of a person’s attention. Developing his golf game is one of his most prized activities and he knows that he is privileged to engage in such a fun and challenging as well as rewarding sport. He is not afraid of taking on hard work to make his game better and better.