Many Fifa game premiership manager stressed

Won six consecutive Cheap fifa 15 coins games, the city has closed the gap on Chelsea, but Manuel pellegrini don't think the Fifa season championship will be decided in the next few Fifa weeks. "We don't have to consider to Chelsea," Manuel pellegrini at the press conference on Tuesday. "We just want to our Fifa 15 Ultimate team. "We know that it is important to have our own pressure, you won't win a Fifa championship in December. "We still have a long five months to continue to play Fifa game, and we are doing, so far, we will have a high score at the end of the Fifa season where Fifa Ultimate 15 teams see. "

City can take from the heart says two Fifa champions in three seasons, but Manuel pellegrini don't think that will give his side against Chelsea, who finally won the award, in 2010. "It is always difficult to win, for the first time, the second time," said Manuel pellegrini. "I think it is from the difficulty of the same Fifa year to another. "Our players in high levels of performance. We believe that what we do, so we played Fifa poorly two months ago, in the same way we are doing very well. "

The city did not play their 3-0 defeat at crystal palace last weekend a striker as first choice striker Stephen Jovetic, dzeko and aguero injury. Manuel pellegrini will have to make do without again against west bromwich recognized striker, but Chile hope Jovetic, who missed the last three Fifa games a hamstring strain and will come back soon with captain Vincent kompany. "Maybe Jovetic and kompany will come back soon, at the end of this week or next week," he said. "But, edin dzeko and sergio aguero will come back, until the second part of the month. "

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