Nilo Alfonso


  • Edmodo
  • Remind
  • Tackk
  • The IB Design cycle


edmodo is a learning management system that helps you when you need help with homework. anyone can use this tool for getting help with there homework or have a 1v1 conversation with there teacher. you can ask question.


Remind is a website that lets your teacher send you a text message to either you the student or the child its self. i can use this tool when i have an important homework, study for a test or basically anything school related i can get a reminder. this helps you out for when you need to be reminded by something.

you can create info-graphics with you can use this tool when you have to design.


you can crate websites, info pages, and much more. i can use this tool that by when i need to crate a webpage for my tech or any subject this is much faster and easier for me and probably you.

The  design  cycle

it helps you solve problems using technology. you can use this by when you have any problem that you need help on. the benefit of this website faster to solve.

Inquiring& Analyzing

my computer really old do i either buy a new one or get a new one?

Take it to the repair shop. and or get a new one

get another computer that's faster, get my computer fixed, looked on online to figure out the problem if possible, check for viruses.

Developing     ideas

we have so much memory, many space that is full.

go to best buy ask the geek squad to help you with your computer.

i would have looked for another cheaper computer that may be faster than the one that broke. or something done something earlier to get fixed when i noticed a problem.

Crating the solution

the time that it would take would be around 2 hours or so to fixed my computer.

has to be a professional at the job.

1. take it to geek guys.

2. Ask for help.

3. Ask how long it may take to be fixed.

4. Have patient

have money, and have the right parts.


try to fix or find the problem.

see if its faster than it was before. have it be tested there.

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