Rules for Online Safety

1 Don’t send out personal information about yourself

2 Never share your password with anyone but yourself and your parents

3 Don’t meet in person with anyone you meet online

4 Don’t befriend people you meet online

5 Keep your address, phone number, age, and name private

6 Think wisely before posting a picture or video of you

7 Tell your parents if you find something uncomfortable

8 I won’t respond to any mean message online or in an email

9 I will be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts

10 I won’t break the law online

Internet safety is very important ad should be told about more because it keeps kids safe and it teaches you to be more responsible about the choices you online. The internet should be a safe place but it’s not so that’s why you should follow these rules or just don’t say anything. When you’re online make sure you don’t spill and of your precious information because you never know what person is out there stealing it or making you think they are friendly. Also don’t break the law online because you could get into real big trouble and could possibly go to jail. Please keep these rules in mind and don’t fall for tricks to give out personal information.


Author: National Children's Advocacy Center

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