Christmas in Mexico

These are the two Christmas stories in Mexico and in, Ohio.In Mexico, they give Mary and Joseph a wish. They say,''Las Posadas Mary and Joseph!''That means, they want them to stay in Bethlehem. In Ohio, kids ask Santa Claus for presents or they say they want to trust him, too.Several weeks before Christmas, foods and drinks are served and kids try to break the Mexican Piada. The piada has spicy foods like, spicy pizza. Instead of cookies and milk,  Mexico has, orchids and poinsettias.In Ohio, we have cookies and milk.(well, most likely.) On Christmas morning in Mexico, they have,cheese,bananas,nuts, and cookies. In Ohio, we have cookies,twizzlers and chocolate candies. The day is, December 17th, 2007 in Mexico. In Ohio, the day is December 25th, 2014. The day in Mexico is on, Tuesday. In Ohio, the day is on, Thursday. Those were the two Christmas stories in, Mexico and, Ohio.

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