Evaluate a Movie Poster

This is the movie poster to the the movie The Hobbit and with this movie poster it draws the attention of its viewers. But you really have no idea on what the movie is about and it doesn't really show a particular scene. The attention of the people is there but it really doesn't tell you what it is about. But it does tell you that it is a part of the lord of the rings series because of some of the characters are in this movie poster. Then they can relate with the movies and have some sort of idea about the movie is about. And that they will go and watch it think that it is a good movie and watch it again and again and again and then they will be buying the merchandise and all of the stuff that goes with the movie and they will watch the sequel and think that this one will be good and personal experience if you want a movie with action the whole movie you should see this one because there is action all the time very little sit down dialogue in it and I recremend it to whoever likes that stuff in a movie.

Movie Trailer

This trailer shows a great deal of the movie and this movie is an action movie. This movie is The Amazing Spider Man 2 and it has different actors and a different story line them all of the other spider mans because it’s all wrapped around this guy that thinks he’s a nobody and he turns evil and that spider man can’t remember his name that he wants to kill him and it looks like a great movie from my prospective And it has a really good detail w3ith meeting all of the requirements and if they met it and then all of the people who watch it will tell their friends and then the movie will boom in prices. And will make people want to see the next movie after that and the one after that and again and again. So I personally would want to go to this movie just by seeing the trailer because of the action of it and the storyline just because it’s different from all of the other Spiderman’s I’ve watch it the past and looks like a good movie and I think this movie will make more money and be rated better than the original spider man.

3 tips Movie to Marketers

1. For movie trailers is that they should use 1/4 or 1/3 of the beginning of the movie.

2. tease the plot line, but leave them waiting to see more.

3. Use clips that show part of the climax of the movie.

These are the three tips that I have for movie marketers and for the producers to make the next movie. The movie trailers need to have these requirements to be successful and for people to watch it and not have their profits go down and to have people hate on the movie with good plausibility they tell their friends and then them people tell their friends and then your movie will be popular and then if its popular the more money they pull in and then there movie will be more known. And to have loyal fans because if they make a good movie then the sequels will be good and then they will buy merchandise and then they will watch them over and over again and a little of personal experience I watched this movie trailer and I thought the movie was going to be bad so I went to go watch it and it was actually really good they hid the action parts and I was amazed on how good the movie was.

If I Owned My Own Amusement Park

I would have a day to where it FREE foe admission but that's only once a year. Because then i get a lot of business and i could get a lot of money just off of concessions. And i would have my amusement park in someplace that that is not in a place too hot and a place that gets snow so it goes all year long like Oklahoma or Texas. And i would have a water park too because it cost less money to build a water park then too build one roller coaster so i make money on the water park and and the roller coaster so it would be a win, win for me and the amusement park and i would raise the prices on the weekends and lower it on the week day because more people are in school but not on the weekends and i would lower them on the holidays because more people will come and spend more money because its a holiday. And if you spend the most money in a day i would give you a free ride pass for a year so you could be the only ones there and spend $1 and you and your family could get that pass.

Why do artist still sign with big record deal?

30 Seconds to mars is a good band and there labels name is EMI and they are very successful in there business and screwing people off of there label because they were making great music for them and EMI took advantage of them and took all the money they had and suited them for 30 million dollars and 30 seconds to mars didn't like that so they planed to go and make music on there own and they started to make music and EMI are telling them that they need to pay them and there saying that they wont pay because there contract is up and EMI was saying that they need to make a certain number of albums and 30 seconds to mars said that they did make that number and EMI said no. So now all of the songs that they make EMI owns and 30 seconds to mars doesn't like that so they have a meeting and they couldn't agree on any thing and then they finally agree and i think they go back because the record companies are big and bad and i don't think you would win against a record company and another why i think that they go back to those record companies is because they want to get the critics to stop commenting on there situation and for the sake of being popular again and to make a deal to where they can get some money unlike 30 seconds to mars they still didn't get anything for there labels but they just want the fame again and to release albums again and to make more music that there fans will love.

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