Queen Hera

Goddess of Love and the Olympian of Goddess of Marriage.

Hera's Greek name and its meaning:

Hera's greek name is, Hpn, Heras name may mean "season," though it may also mean, "heifer," which would be consistent with her common description as Cow-eyed.

Hera's Roman name:

Hera's Roman name is, Juno

Hera's powers/responsibilities:

Hera's powers and responsibilities are, Commanding the winds and watching over women and motherhood immortality and the ability to inflict madness.

Hera's family relationships:

Child of the titans Cronus and Rhea. Hera also had five siblings, Three brothers(Poseidon, Hades, and, Zeus), and, Two sisters,(Hestia, and, Demeter). Husband Zeus,( King of the gods). Hera had four children,  Eilithyia; the goddess of childbirth,  Ares; The Olympian god of war, Hebe; The goddess of youth, and, Hephaestus; The Olympian god of metallurgy. According to some beliefs, Hephaestus was born without the intervention of Zeus.  

Hera's symbols:

Hera's symbols were the diadem, the Scepter, and the Pomegranate, a symbol of fertility.

Fun Facts about Hera:

Hera's flower was a Lily, and her Sacred animals were the Peacock, and the Cow.

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