3,2,1, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Does that sound famillar? Maybe becuase over 26 million people play Basketball in the U.S. It started in Springfield, Massachusetts by Dr.James Naismith in 1891. It was something he created to entertain his students during the                                                         Winter months.




   Dribbling is very simple all you have to do is hit the ball down right....but it really it isn't. Make sure you use your fingertips to dribble instead of using your palm it makes it a lot easier to control. Also make sure follow dribbling rules. Make sure when you pick up the ball after you have dribbled don't dribble again or you be called for a double dribble and the other team will get the ball. You also can't run with the ball or you will be called for a travel.


   Shooting is fairly easy. When you shoot, you want to shoot at the top of your shot meaning you should shoot at your highest point. If you are a righty your hands should be                                                                  like this

                                                                Righty shot


                                                             Lefty shot


   Safety in basketball is very important. You may not think basketball is dangerous but 389,610 people get hurt each year because of basketball. So always wear a mouth gaurd a                             brace on knees and ankles and a sternum protector.

           Tips for Pointgaurds

  To get around defenders use these dribbling moves.  Between the legs, behind the back, spin move, push pull, and you can even make your own moves. Also if your teamates don't help you out and your presured make your own lane and dribble around them. even if the other team steals the ball I am 100% sure they will help you next time. Also is you need to pass the ball and none of your teamates are paying attention throw it to them anyways it will                                 hit the and next time they will pay attention.

      Tips for shooting Gaurds

   When ever you see a teamate how need help go help him like if he needs to pass the ball go over to him and let him pass you the ball. Also set screens or pick so your teamate can dribble around the defender. When ever you have an open shot, shoot it. Never second guess your self and always remember what Wayne Gretzky said " You will always miss                                                 100% of the shots you never take".

        Tips for Post Players

   If you have the ball down low use a post move to get an open shot. You start like this

                                           and then spin off of it and shoot.

Another good tip is when you get the ball down low and you don't have a shot pass it back                                         out to the person up top so they can shoot.


Those are some tips and hows of Basketball. There was Dribbling, Shooting,Safety, tips for Point gaurds, Shooting gaurds, and Post players. I hope you tips helped you be a better                                                             Basketball player.

          Vocabulary Words

Travel: When somebody runs with the basketball in their hands without dribbling.

Double Dribble: When somebody stops dribbling and then dribbles again.

Screen/ Pick: When go up to a person on the other team and stand in front of them so your teamate can dribble around them

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