Historical Figure Facebook Project

George Washington Craver-By Joyce Lin
Computer Science Class
Crossroads@Meade (Philadelphia, PA)

George Washington Craver

George Washington Craver was a inventor and he is famous for inventing peanuts butters and he is a plant doctor. I chose him for my historical Facebook project because he is one of the most famous inventor. George Washington Carver grew up in a farm near Diamond, Missouri, in Newton County. His father(Giles Carver) was a slave and died before George Washington Carver was born. His mother name was Mary Carver who was owned by Moses and Susan Carver. When George was just a few months old, he and his mother were kidnapped from the Carver farm by a band of men who roamed Missouri during the Civil War era. Now leading Moses and Susan Carver to raise young George and his older brother Jim. Mary may have also had two or three daughters but they died young.

Even though at a young age, George Washington Carver was a sick and not wealth child he do inside chores. Like watering the plants. He did not only water them but he STUDY them. While his brother do the chores outside with Moses. Carver received some schooling from home, but desired a more formal education. In 1885, Carver applied by mail to Highland College, a small Presbyterian school in Highland Kansas. The college accepted him, but when he arrived and they saw that he was black, the college officials refused to admit him. In 1890 Carver moved to Iowa where he continue his education at Simpson College that admitted students without regard to race. Carver's ambitions at Simpson were not focused on science. His main interest was in painting. He enrolled in an art class and was one of the only male students in the Fine Arts Department. Carver soon reasoned that he could better serve the needs of humanity and especially those of poor black farmers by becoming an agriculturist. He transferred to Iowa State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts.

What I learned about George Washington Carver is that he is a brave, strong, and a hardworking man. Even though the college officials refused to admit him moved to Iowa where he continue his education at Simpson College that admitted students without regard to race. He also deals very well with plants.