World War One: Innovations of War

The first World War was one of the most deadly wars in human history, in part because of its new technological discoveries that made warfare more effective at killing people.

Tank - The tank was invented at the time of the First World War, and came to revolutionize warfare. It is an armored car with all-terrain caterpillar tracks. It also has a gun that moves independently of the car. The tank changed warfare by allowing more devastating artillery to be more easily transported, and sheltering those using the tank. Since the gun was a part of the car, it made transportation much easier than if people had had to carry the heavy guns themselves.

Submarine - The submarine is an underwater boat that could be used to spy on enemy ships and to bomb them without being at much risk of retaliation. This changed warfare, because one side could attack the other with virtually no casualties to their own submarine. Also, with submarines, one side could watch their enemy and gather intelligence, without necessarily having to attack.

Poison gas - Soldiers could release poisonous gas which caused blisters, blindness and death. This allowed soldiers to kill the enemy from much further away than previous methods.

Machine guns - Machine guns could fire very rapidly, releasing many more bullets per second than previous firearms. It caused advancing to be extremely hard, which led to the trench warfare iconic of this war.

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