The Gardener by S:A. Bodeen

joseph pena

i think it is about plant people and the gardener was gonna be masons dad because of the tattoo

photosynthesis: is a process used by plant and other organisms to convert light energy they try to make the kids not eat food so they can eat sunlight

heterotroph: is an organism that cannot fix carbon and uses organic carbon for growth the kids cant feed themselves

autotroph: is a self feeding or producer its a plant that makes its own food the gardener is trying get the kids to be autotrophs by not giving them food or water their food is the sun

evolution: to change of ataph to your surroundings or something new the gardener is trying to get the kids to be  autotophs so they can mate and make more autotophs

my favorite question was did Lila have a parents and was Lila a autotroph 1. yes she did have a mom and it was doctor Emerson 2. Lila was a autotoph cause she couldn't survive without the kids on the couch

                      the setting

the gardener takes place in three different places Melby falls , Washington , TroDyn,and portland,oregon

                      Medical Ethics

one of the ethical issues in The Gardener  is whether or not its right to do experiments on humans .i think human experiments  are right cause they are just trying to help the world and save us and because the gardener the experiments they do on the humans is to make them survive with no water or food so when the world ends they dont have to die of starvation

Climate change & The Food Crisis

the climate change is really bad cause if the weather becomes too cold the crops wont grow and that will mean no food and no food means starvation and that will kill us and the earth will become a planet of dead bodys

Dear Future Generations "SORRY"

the song Dear Future Generations "Sorry" is about how we are killing off our planet with pollution and other things and we don't even care about it and we are just gonna let out planet die off

Both the gardener and dear future generations is about the planet and how we dont care about it and we might have to move to another one if we dont take care of it soon

                    The Karner Blue

The Karner blue butterfly is an endangered subspecies of a small blue butterfly it depends on the lupine the problem is that they are endangered and they are endangered because we and killing their home the planet

in both the gardener by S.A bodeen and Dear future generations "Sorry" by prince E.A THE author discusses how we are destroying the earth and we might have to move to another planet soon if we dont act fast and help out


MY prediction was that the kid was the gardeners son and that it had something to do with humans and plants

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