narative poem

Fallon with the eyes of the deep blue sea.
Fallon of small town in Texas
Fallon whose heart warms everyone.
Is a girl who is cheerful and bright.
running along the fence line to see the farm animals.
listing to the sound of her mom calling for dinner.
walking up to the table filled with her older brothers.
Watching tv with he dad before bed.
falling into a deep sleep.

Fallon wakeing up from a good night sleep ready to go to school.
running to the bus filled with her friends.
sitting in the back of the bus with her friends.
because today is Monday and fallon hates Mondays.
Fallon inside she fills sick with all the traffic of Mondays.
inside wishing she was home.
inside wishing she was sick so she didnt have to go to school.
is in math class wishing she was better at it.
waving to her friends when she gets of the bus.
walking up the dirt road with her older brothers
racing her brothers down the road .
hearing the sound of her mother call for dinner.
tucking her self in to start another day

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