Business And Me

Quick profit, especially the location its in.

If had to start a small business  I'd start a restaurant

Discounts everyday!!

The business I'd work for would be apple

Its a very cool headquarters plus they're one of the biggest company out there!

My dream job is to be a pilot

Ever since i was a child i wanted to be a pilot, i love the planes, in addition you see extatic veiws and its not bad pay wage. there is a lot of effort involved in this but especially getting the right grades but i'm doing very well though

I would't be able to live without a phone

My phone is part of my daily schedule, i use it all the time. however i can stop using ALL the time but i cant stop using it at least once everyday

My favorite brand is Sony

My favorite brand is Sony,  in my free time(After all homework and studying...) i play PS3, i play PS3 about every 2-3 days and have a lot of fun playing on it

Why i want to do business

i want to do business because when i leave school i might not want to become a pilot and might want to start my own business, and if i have the knowledge i can do this really easily. also i cant afford to mess around in this fundamental subject and miss vital information.

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