Jesus and the rise of Christianity

By: Kyra Dick

In 26 B.C.E. the Romans directed rule over the Jews, they appointed a governor that was in charge of this territory.

More than one time he has pushed the Jewish to the brink of revolt for not obeying their religious beliefs.

This then resulted in many Jewish deaths, this is also because they took money from their temples and then built a aqueduct.

Jesus was a Jewish man that led groups of people more toward the religion side.

When he led other people the men that were already leading (rulers) believed that he was going to take over.  

Jesus began teaching, what he taught was great, he taught about love, tolerance, and they also believed that he was a great healer of sick people they also thought he could walk on water, and even raise people from the dead.  

love even your enemies, because in light of the coming kingdom of God, there was no reason for hatred.

After awhile many of the Jews kind of stopped following his advice and didn't really believe what he was saying.

After everyone kind of started getting tired of disobeying the Jewish government and not following their wishes they started crucifixion which they have always had,  but for Jesus it got pretty bad.

When Jesus went to Jerusalem to spread the word it wasn't very easy because believe it or not most of the highest priests in the Jewish temple followed and supported what the Romans were saying.

Their is some debates going around that these priests were getting paid for their support.

On the night of the Passover Seder, know to us Christians as the last supper, jesus was then arrested.

Jesus had been hiding and then was found because one of Judas disciples, told the Roman authorities where he would be.

The Romans were quiet sure how to proceed on with how they should punish Jesus for disobeying the Roman Government rules.

There were small groups of people around yelling and demanding crucifixion

Jesus was then beaten and crucified

Jesus was Born in Nazareth which is near the sea of Galilee

He joined a group that preached and did a whole bunch of religious stuff and the was baptized at the Jordan River at the age of thirty.

He began a ministry of his own and traveled around Judaea to share his messages

Jesus was arrested according to the Romans because of treason, and they believed he got what he deserved.

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