Ansar al-Dine
"Defenders of Faith"

Ansar al-Dine is an Islamic organization operating in Mali which cooperates closely with  al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb which is another foreign terrorist organization. The people involved in AAD are religious people who live in the northern part of Mali. Ansar al-Dine can’t be understood without mention of the MNLA. The MNLA is composed primarily of nomadic Tuaregs, the historic inhabitants of northern Mali, who have periodically rebelled against Malian authority over the north of the country. Their goals are to seek the installation of a strict interpretation of sharia law throughout Mali. Th number of people that are part of/working with is unknown because Ansar al-Dine they have many ties with outside countries such as Qatar. Qatar is actually believed to be suppling the Ansar al-Dine financially. Ansar al-Dine's acts of terrorism consist of having taken control of the three major cities in the north, including Kidal, Timbuktu, and for the most part, Gao. Ansar al-Dine has banned alcohol, smoking, Friday visitations to cemeteries, watching soccer, and women are now required to wear veils. Also, they have destroyed many shrines and tombs as a way of "defending the faith".

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