Angola Flag / Map

This is the Angolan flag, made in 1975 on November, 11 representing industrial and agricultural workers.

This is where Angola is, in the southern part of Africa. Luanda is the capital of Angola

Languages / Government

They usually use Portuguese as a language, but they will use english for school and government transactions. But still Portuguese is a favorite of the country. The guy on the sign is the Angolan government. 21.47 million people are in Angola pretty small for that big of a country.

Food / Recipes  

Tchisangua is it is a drink made of ground cornmeal with water and sugar. But in other places breakfast can be boiled or, fried peanuts with ground cassava leaves mixed together.


Luanda is a popular place to visit. Because it is the capital of Angola. Most other places are off the grid and most people don't have enough money to live in the city

Getting water

Even know that people are in the city most of them don't have running water. They have to go get it and they don't have wells or hydrants it's like a bin.


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