Transportation. Are you satisfied?

Chapter 1, Kirkland, 2/27/14

How do you get to school? Are you satisfied? After researching on the internet I found out that 61% of light smaller cars, as opposed to trucks/buses, causes global warming in the US. So, I surveyed the students in my first period class to see what type of transportation they use to get to school everyday. About 85% of the students said they are a car rider. Then asked if they were satisfied with their transportation and put it into a bar graph.

I then asked another survey, a transportation system that would be environmentally friendly. I came up with the idea of a jet pack. A jet pack thats H2O powered and gives off no fumes that could possibly harm the environment. Each student could add an comment that would improve the equipment. Also, I asked what their satisfaction would be if their were a possibility that a jet pack were made. I graphed these results as well.

After seeing these statistics more people are in favor of the jet pack. Why you wonder? It may be because the jet pack is a better and more efficient way to save our environment and a fun way to get around.

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