Samuel De Champlain's Proposal

                I am Samuel De Champlain, an explorer. The year I would want to set sail to the mysterious land is 1603. I am from the country of France and I am proposing to you my majesty to fund my expedition. If you fund Henry IV I will guarantee that you will have loads and loads of riches at your feet in only an year. France is in need of beaver furs, sugars, and fish, so you know I will look for all those items and bring whatever I can to you and the merchants of France won't have to panic anymore. Just imagine , funding my expedition to the mystical, unknown land and when I return all the goods you are looking for will be at your feet. While you bathe in the many goods I bring back, I will become rich and famous. Remember all this will happen only if you fund my expedition.

             The main goal for this voyage is to find a northwest page, which means I will be traveling to the  north western hemisphere. I there to settle on this rumored piece of  land by the name of Gaspe Peninsula. Advantages for you is all the French colonies that I will claim will be your land! I will only be establishing and administering them. French Huguenots will be allowed by me to settle in the French colonies. One of the biggest colonies I want to establish will be called "New France".

             If you want to make a decision about funding my expedition, you have to do it quickly because word just came by that other European countries are soon traveling to the New World. My all-time rival, John Smith of England, is soon going to set sail to the magical land. Vizcaino Sebastian of Spain, is also going to set sail soon. John Smith is looking for a route to the Pacific, gold, silver and mineral wealth, trade with the Indians, and land for the crown of England. Sebastian is currently fishing in what they call California.

            Now, if I run into  other explorers or Native Americans, this is the procedure I will follow. I will be allies with native peoples who are   not willing to battle me. Foes will pay and the French will always beat   everyone! The other European explorers will be obnoxious, but if they do not   get out of my way they will be terminated. If another explore claims land   that is mine, we will go into battle and we will cease victory! I am also very experienced with battles because I am a soldier.

       Since I don't know what creatures are roaming around the land, I will need all these supplies, to be precautious. I will be expecting to encounter large and furious animals, so I need some supplies to finish the creatures. I will need to pass through stormy seas, so I need a good amount of crew members, of course, to help me. I will need large axes to cut down trees for cabins to live in. Clothes and food are needed for about a year, so I need a huge supply of those and most important of all, I definitely need weapons such as firearms.

            Now that you have finished reading this, I think you know in your mind who you want to choose. I promise you that I will not fail you and bring back whatever I told you I would bring back. All I need now is the money. I hope you make the correct choice to fund my expedition. Bon Voyage!

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