Audio Broadcasting

By: Taylor Pruitt

Session 1

In session one we learned how a radio station operates and were introduced to various radio program formats. We also learned how to use a digital audio editing software program.  This  helped me to better understand how radio stations operate.





Session 2

In session two we learned the role advertising plays in radio.Then  we used digital audio editing software to record and apply effects to a prewritten commercial and wrote and recorded a commercial.  By doing this it helped me to know more about commercials.                                         




Session 3

In session three we wrote three news stories and commentary, as well as an entire introduction to our newscast. By writing three story's it helped me to get more ideas each time. Also by writing so many story's it helped me use better things to write about.  


Session 4

In session four we recorded an introduction to our newscast. We then recorded three news stories, and recorded a commentary. My favorite part about session 4 was that we got to record on the microphone.


Session 5

In session five we created music lead-ins and lead-outs for our news broadcast. We also did the same things to the commentary broadcast. By doing these things to the broadcast it makes them better than they were before.         


Session 6

In session six we completed the lead-ins and lead-outs. Then we created additional musical files for our broadcast. We added the lead-ins and outs to make the broadcast better.


Session 7

In session seven we assembled the media files we created in earlier sessions into one final broadcast file. We then burned the final broadcasting file to a CD.  This session was different from the rest because we got to burn our CD.  


Career Field

By knowing what to do in audio  broadcasting can make working at a radio station much easier. It can also help if you wanted to go into a business because you have to talk in front  of a lot of people and doing this would help out. If you wanted to work at any place that you had to talk on a microphone this session would help you be more confident in going into that career field. If you wanted to be a writer this session could also help you out a lot.

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