The Art of Power

   I, "Thomas Jefferson" am an American Founding Father. I am a principal author of the Declaration of Independence. I am the third president serving the United States of America. I have never been part of any democratic group and I am all republican. Before serving America I served my home state, Virginia.

   My main focus is to serve my country not only through my own eyes but the citizens eyes and my congress. I do favor slavery a lot. I have many slaves but I only free a few. My wife died during and I promised her I wouldn't get married again. I remember being put on a horseback by a slave when I was little.

   I have nine other brothers and sisters. My fathers name was Peter Jefferson, he died when I was fourteen years old. I hate my father didn't get to see what I have done for myself and others. My mothers name was Jane Rudolph who married my father in 1739. I am the owner of my family land here in Virginia.

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