Author of Captain Under Pants

Dav Pilkey

Born on March 4, 1996!

  • He has a great line of kids books, novels, and comics.
  • His pen name is Sue Denim.
  • his book are mostly fictional books.
  • He went to Kent State University.

Where he was born

  • He was born in Cleveland,OH!
  • his favorite thing to do as a kid and still to this day is writing.

favorite thing

his favorite thing now and along time ago is drawing
  • He lives in new washington
  • He is a writer and illustrator of his own books and draws all the pictures in his books

him when he was in 6th grade

He loved to draw, even before he went to school.

where he is now


  • Dav did not really pay every much attention in school he would draw on loose papers in his note books and made 'C and B' son most of his work.

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