creating a caring classroom

Having a caring classroom , can give off the right feeling to who ever enters your class room.

positive relationships

positive relationships are vital in a classroom. learning students name , and knowing their individual needs . There should  a balance in the classroom between the teacher authority and friendliness .


one of the most vital elements in any class , is respect. teachers sot only expect respect from the students but should also give the respect. allow group discussions and group work , let them know what they say is heard and respected.

student involvement

Ask your students how they feel about the classroom, ask them how they would want their class to be or what they would like to do in class. This lets the students know that their opinions matter, and it makes them feel more comfortable to share in class. Make sure you follow through with what they suggest.

class identity

the students should see themselves as a group . the togetherness that a sports team has. Start  the day off by doing something that requires them to work together.

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