Intro to Mythology

introduced by Ryland

What is mythology? Mythology are stories used to explain events such as how the earth was made, or how man came to be. They also tell of gods and monsters. They can be entertaining or sad.


Gods were immortal beings who had certain roles such as Aeolus who was the keeper/god of the winds. He's called that because he controls the north, the south, the west, and the east winds. He is also known as Hippotades or "the reigner of horses" because the four winds were sometimes depicted as horses. He lives on a the hollow floating island of Aiolia where he kept the mighty wind creatures Thuellai and Aellia to wreak havoc when the gods told him to. He is similar in apperance to the titan of the sky and the stars Astraios.

Mythical Creatures and Myths

Like I said there are also mythical creatures such as the teumessian fox which was a giant fox that was destined to never be caught. In one myth it told how the teumessian fox was sent to prey on the children of thebes because of his crimes, so thebes sent people to catch him but they couldn't then he hatched a plan he got the magic dog laelaps that was destined to always catch its prey so when the two met a paradox happened because of their abilities and they both turned to stone later the pair were thrown into the stars as the constellations of canis major (laelaps) and canis minor (teumessian fox)

Modern Day Connections

Many games whether it be cards or online use many greek gods take this picture it is a card of the god of the winds Aeolus.

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