Multiple Alleles  

Y-timing of the original elimination color. (Y-yellow; y-green)

R- color of red (carotenoids) R-red; r-yellow

C-normal; c1,c2-lowered concentration

Y- rr c1c2 - pale yellow

Y- rr Cc2 - darker yellow

yy rr CC - green

Y- R- CC - red

yy Rr CC - purple

Y- Rr Cc2 - pale yellow

5 Facts:

Two phenotype available depending on the dominant or recessive alleles that are available in the trait.

When multiple alleles come into play for a trait there is a mix of types of dominance patterns that occur.

Each individual will only have two alleles for a trait but there are several alleles to choose from.

Multiple forms of the allele may exist, though only two will attach to the designated genes site during meiosis.

Traits are generally controlled by two alleles.

2 Fun Facts about bell peppers:

1: Peppers are actually fruitsbecause they are producedfrom a flowering plant andcontain seeds.

2:The scientific name for bell peppers is Capsicum annum

because they are producedcontain seeds

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