Creating A Caring Classroom

Teachers can create a caring classroom by having good supervision, ease of teaching, positive relationships, respect, and class identity.

Positive relationships

Learn your students name as quickly as possible. Accept your students and actually show that you have interest in them, Get to know your students individually. balance authority with a little friendliness,

Supervision & Teaching

The class should be set up to where the teacher could see every student face during instruction time. Put the desk in rows and groups facing the front of the classroom so when the teacher is at their desk they can see every student face.


Respect is one of the main things a teacher and student needs inside of a classroom. The teachers shouldn't only want respect but they should also give it. Get to know your students show that u actually care do group work put them in groups. get the the students to interact with each other and get to get each other.

Class Identity

Let the students see each other as a group all of them come as one. Do projects and activities to help them make their bond stronger and make them all come together.

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