The lower class

Olivia Garris   core 1

     Characters- Maya Viyapolor, Mrs. Sivup; Saul and Freida

(maya walks into room)

Mrs.Sivup- hello maya plese take a seat and chat about your pay. You havent reminded me, i got side tracked. What amount did we agree to give you? thirty right?

Maya- ma'am it was forty

Mrs. Sivup- No maya.... it was thirty im sure of it. I made a note of it right here

(mrs.sivup looks in book)

Mrs.Sivup- Maya dear you have been here what....2 months now?

Maya- 2 months and 5 days

Mrs.Sivup- No maya. 2 months exactly. You have 60 rubles as of right now. Maya lets go ahead and subtract know you dont educate Freida on sundays. What about the 3 holidays you took?

(maya looks down)

Mrs. Sivup- Three holidays equals 12 rubles GONE. Poor little Saul got the flu for 4 days...that means you didn't look after him those days.

Mrs.Sivup- What about those toothache days maya? 3 days my husband gave you off.

Mrs.Sivup- 12 and 7 gives you 19 correct?

Maya- yes ma'am thats correct

(maya tears up)

Mrs. Sivup- Dear do you remember the day you broke my precious teacup and saucer? That was an cannot be replaced.

(maya speaking under her breath)

Maya- you have enough money to buy another one.

Mrs.Sivup- what was that maya

Maya- oh i just said that there was a spider on the floor

Mrs.Sivup- ew! kill it!! off with it!!

(maya goes and finds the "spider")

Maya- its dead

Mrs.Sivup- Good. Now maya since you broke my heirloom thats going to be 2 rubles off. Remember when Saul climbed over the fence and ripped his blouse? Thats 10 gone.

Mrs. Sivup- oh yeah an the time Freidas diamond studded heels got stolen from that greedy gardener. You should have been watching maya.

(mrs.sivup shakes her head)

Maya- Mrs.Sivup she snuck around me. i was watching Saul draw that picture right there for you.

(Maya points to wall)

Mrs.Sivup- picture or no picture i dont care.

Mrs.Sivup- so now you have 14 correct?

Maya- i guess so

(maya looks down)

Mrs.Sivup- not speak to me like that. You know better.

Mrs. Sivup-You stole 3 rubles one time....

Maya- i only did it once...i was desperate.

Mrs.Sivup- it doesn't matter...3 gone thats 11 now.

Mrs.Sivup- so here you go Maya, your 11 rubles.


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