Letter of re

To whom whom it may concern.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Michael Gardea. My qualification to write this is I'm the secretary of defense for Nateotopia.

Michael has many talents including being able to pls multiple instruments, he's organized, can make many songs with a small amount of cords and he performs very well . He can add style to your organization and can fill in almost anywhere you need him.

The skills that Michael posses can help your label in many ways his organization skills will keep you running smoothly with minimal problems, his ability to pls many instruments will give you a safety net incase one of your members can't make it or get kicked out, his abilities to make many songs with small amounts of cords can give that same good beat across many songs.

Michael's skills and talents make him a great candidate for this job at your label. He loves music and music loves him. He makes music that sounds good and he works his butt off.

If you need anymore information on Michael call email or write me at 9154682222, NateeeeTineeeell@student.sisd.net, 34852 Bill Clinton road