7D: Acids & Alkalis: FLIPPED!

What is Flipped?

These Flipped lessons will give you an introduction to each topic we study in class so that you:

  • Feel more confident in class
  • Can refresh or learn the basics at your own pace
  • Can research terms and things you do not understand
  • Can watch short videos in your own time to support your learning (and can pause as many times as you like!!)

It is important that you go through the material carefully beforehand (and make notes as you go along), as it will help you in class.

What if I don't understand something?

We will cover everything in class as normal! At the end of each Flipped lesson you will complete a short quiz on a Google Form, so I will know how well you have grasped the material. It will also email you your result!

Here are our topics:

I hope you enjoy! We will see how well this goes for the topic; I will get your feedback on the end as to whether you found it valuable.