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3 years ago

Name: Joey Morrow
Grade: 11th grade (Junior)
Instruments: Alto sax/ soprano sax/ tenor sax/ snare drum/ piano
Education: Bruton High School
Middle school teacher: Mr. Patterson
High School band director: Mrs. Townsend
Saxophone instructor: Mr. Richmond
Drum instructor: Brian Peters
Private saxophone lesson teacher: Mr. Percy Ironmonger
About Me: I began to play the saxophone in 6th grade because I heard a soprano saxophone at my church and I loved the sound. In middle school, I played in the jazz band and concert band. I made district band in 7th and in 8th grade I got second chair. In high school I have experienced many types of bands including jazz band, concert band, marching band, pit band, and indoor drumline. I have been to many camps including JMU’s concert band camp and Shenandoah International Jazz Workshop. In 9th grade I made district band in 8th chair. In 10th grade I made 2nd chair and had the opportunity to try out for all state band. I have also tried out for all state jazz 2 times getting 9th chair as a junior. I would like to continue playing the saxophone through college and through life at least as a hobby.
Goals and expectations: My goals are that students will not only learn an instrument but enjoys playing it. Lessons will be structured in order to enhance the playing ability of the student. I will encourage practice and other activities incorporated into the lesson in order to make the instrument as enjoyable as possible. The expectation is that students will practice and prepare for each lesson as much as time allows. The student will be introduced to musical etudes in order to enhance musical abilities. Sight reading will be strongly encouraged as it greatly improves the musical ability to play something that has not been prepared. The student will learn scales for they are the basis at which music is played. The student is not expected to know everything but if we did, why would we need to learn?