hush, hush

By: Becca Fitzpatrick

My thoughts and summary

I really liked this book. It was about a girl who gets partnered with a mysterious boy in class, who seems to know more about her than she does herself. She feels like he is always following and watching her. They later fall in love and she finds out he is a fallen angel. This book was really adventurous and different. It was kind of dark, which I love.

BQ: How long can a person hide who they really are?

This book answers the question, because the fallen angel hid who he was from everyone, including his new lover. She eventually discovers what he is when she asks and he replies, "I'm a fallen angel."


My summary and thoughts

I thought this book was boring and dumb. It was about a high school girl, who moved to a crazy school her senior year. She kept seeing shadows and weird black objects. She felt a strong connection with a boy at her new school, but didn't know why. Apparently, they fall in love every 17 years, and then she dies after she kisses him, or starts to fall in love with him. She is reincarnated every 17 years, and no matter where she is, he always ends up finding her, because he's is a fallen angel and never dies. It's really stupid and I did not like it at all.

BQ: How long can a person hide who they really are?

This book answers the big question when she said, "You're and angel, I'm in love with an angel." (Barf). She discovered who he was, and what her past was about.

The Seven Rays

Summary and thoughts

A girl starts to see knots, ropes, and weird lines on people. She keeps receiving gold envelopes with strange messages in them. If she eats, or touches something, she can see the person who made the food, or people's past. She finds out she is a seven ray, and has six other sisters with weird powers and gifts. This book is so retarded. I'm pretty sure even a seven year old would hate it. I felt so stupid and immature just reading it.

BQ: How long can a person hide who they really are?

The book answers the question when she receives a letter that says, "You are more than you think you are." She slowly starts to find out about her biological family, and the things she can do.

Step into Ancient Greece

My summary and thoughts

This book taught me a lot about ancient Greece. It talked about the different things they started, and the way they lived. It also talked about some of their myths and the things they worshiped. I thought this book very helpful for my advisory project.

BQ: How long can a person hide who they really are?

The book told a story about a "half-bull half-man, who lived in a cave." No one saw him, so one day a man took a rope in there and drug him out. His identity was finally revealed.

Nonfiction Connection

This book stated, "When a baby was born, its father would decide whether to keep or abandon it." I can connect to this, because I was abandon as a child.

My answer to the big question

No one can hide who they are forever. People think they can lie their way through life, but eventually they will show their true colors.

Sales Pitch

Hush hush, was a very chilling book, that kept me on the edge of my seat.

If you like dark mysterious men, this is the book for you!

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