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About Uchee Pines Institute

Founded by Drs. Calvin and Agatha Thrash as a physical and spiritual cleansing program in 1970, Uchee Pines Institute offers a clean-living approach to guests seeking to treat and prevent disease. A team of physicians and Seventh-day Adventist laypersons staff the Uchee Pines Institute, a nonprofit organization with 17-day lifestyle-change programs beginning each month. Aiming to achieve its motto of restoring health naturally, the organization provides a vegetarian diet, exercise programs, and individualized, Bible-based counseling in place of traditional drug treatment and surgical procedures.

In addition to programs for wellness guests, the organization offers training for prospective lifestyle educators and counselors. Lifestyle Educators undergo a six-month training program, which covers a broad range of topics and disciplines to prepare them for medical missionary work. Counselors receive 12 months of training, qualifying them to assist with the assessment and management of guests in the Lifestyle Center. To supplement these full-length courses, the organization also provides five-day seminars throughout the year on topics of special interest.