Introduction Of Mythology

Celsa Ocampo

May 21,2014  

                                                              What is Mythology ?

        Greek mythology is the body of myths and teachings that the belong to the ancient Greeks.Concerning their gods and heros, the nature of the world.The origins of  there own significance of their own cult and ritual practices.It was a religion and it was part of Ancient Greece.

Who was Hera ?  

Hera was married to Zeus and she was brothers with Hera.That she also aided the greatest hero his name was Jason.Hera was the Olympian queen because she was married to Zeus.They even had children and i know that one of the kids was Athena.


What was the Asbolus ?

In Greek mythology,Asbolus was a centaur.He was seer,or an auger.He was a diviner who read omens in the flight of birds.  

My Mythical Summary ?

Hera was the  wife of Zeus and she was the queen Olympians.Hera also aided the greatest hero in the world and that was Jason.The mythical creature asbolus is a diviner who read omens  in flight of birds.They had children and I know that one of them is Athena.   

Modern day Connection

Modern day time in Ancient Greek is, that they had oligarche,represents the three things and they are main gods : the first one is Zeus, the second one is poseiobon,the third on eis hades.Hypnoism comes from a greek god or goddesses.

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