Life, liberty or property

Division of the few and many

The document was mainly about factions and how it can't be controlled, yet the key issue is to focus on these facts of them. With that it underlined between two governments republic and democratic and how factions are greatly seen within a pure democratic government apposed to a republican one. This document was important because it gave a clear understanding on factions and how to deal with them, like the Shay's Rebellion.

Not  afraid  to take a stand

I choose this song because in a way it relates to the idea of faction of how the people unite together and "take a stand" like the lyrics said. It's a group of people with the same view of have "being on the same road" forming an alliance to together. And within that alliance there is a minority being hurt because of the faction and again in the song the are "not afraid of causing mayhem". Its all bout unity and the majority with the same opinions which this song clearly represents.

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