Time Line

Friday, 20 Oct. 1944 a tank containing liquid natural gas equivalent to 90 million cubic feet exploded, setting off the most disastrous fire in Cleveland's history.

2:30 P.M, white vapor began leaking out of Storage Tank No. 4, which had been built by the East Ohio Gas Co. in 1942 to provide additional reserve gas for local war industries.

2:40 P.M the gas in the tank, located at the northern end of E. 61st St., became combustible when mixed with air and exploded, followed by the explosion of a second tank about 20 minutes later.

By late afternoon Saturday (21 Oct. 1944) much of the fire had burned itself out, electricity was restored in some areas.

The next day a few residents began returning to their homes.

The fire destroyed 79 homes, 2 factories, 217 cars, 7 trailers, and 1 tractor; the death toll reached 130.

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