Ancient And Modern Japan

Today I'll be speaking to you about ancient Japan and how it differs  from modern day Japan. Japan has a beautiful culture. Many things made up ancient Japan into what it is now such as fashion, literature, visual arts, architecture, performing arts, and changes in Buddhism.

Fashion today in Japan compared to ancient Japan is alike and different in many ways. In ancient Japan, they had magnificent wardrobes full of silk robes and good jewelry. Women would have extravagant 12 layer gowns. The nobles would often carry delicate fans as a form of fashion. Today's modern Japan fashion consists of following trends. They don't really have a set style. They go with whatever's popular. They've gone from sheer everything, to plaid, to cherry prints, to platform boots and basically whatever else is trending. They are both the same however because they both value beauty. They love having over the top clothing. These are examples of how modern and ancient Japan fashion is alike and different.

Literature was another thing that made up ancient Japan's culture. In ancient Japan, writing was popular among nobles and women. Noble men would write in Chinese while noble women would write in Japanese. The women would write diaries with carefully chosen words so they'd be as beautiful the pictures. One of the greatest writers in early Japan history was a women named Lady Murasaki Shikibu. Around 1000, she wrote "The Tale of Genji". Literature was one of the many things that made up ancient Japan's culture.

Another thing that's changed from ancient japan to modern Japan is its visual arts. In ancient Japan, nobles loved visual arts. Their most popular art forms were paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. They were usually in bright bold colors. Today Japan's art consists of woodblocks and sculptures. They are alike however because every both of the arts made them into the culture it is today. These are examples as to how ancient and modern Japan's art is alike and different.

Ancient Japan's architecture had things such as buildings made of wood with tiled roofs and large open inside spaces. The people there greatly admired Chinese architecture. They mainly liked simple airy designs. Japan's architecture was one of the many things that made up its culture.

The performing arts was another thing that has similarities and differences with ancient and modern Japan. Ancient Japan had serious dramas called Noh. Noh plays combine music, speaking, and dance. People would often gather to watch performances by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. It differs from today's performing arts because today it usually revolved around the media. The media usually portrays music videos and actors playing in movies. They are alike however because they both make up Japan's culture. These are examples as to how the performing arts in ancient and modern Japan are alike and different.

The last thing that made up ancient Japan was Buddhism. Their was a new form of Buddhism called zen. It stated that people should practice self discipline and meditation. Another new form of Buddhism was pure land Buddhism. It didn't require special rituals. This is one of the many things that made up ancient Japan.

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