"Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society"

There are a few issues presented in the documentary that will have an effect on contemporary society. One, is the fact that so many Americans are eating fast food as often as they eat a salad or fruit. Another is that they drink soft drinks like they are water, softdrink more than a gallon a day. Along with the food being served in schools and the eating and dietary habits of so many children across the US.

In today’s society exercise is recommended to be done daily for at least 30-45 minutes to help with burning off extra calories gained throughout the day and for general health and fitness. Children in the US are exposed to one hour of exercise a week, this is far lower than the recommended amount and does not help children stay healthy whatsoever. The fact that there are kids going to school to bed fed fast food at recess and lunch with a softdrink, and then to go home to have McDonalds for dinner with another softdrink. Some kids will do this once, twice or even three times a week, not only is it bad for their health but it’s a bad mentality to get children into. Thinking that it is okay to eat that much fast-food, or just to get some fast food when you can’t really be bothered cooking anything else.

The issues in this film are almost endless, and I could go on forever. But I'm only allowed 250 words, so I hope I got my point across.

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2 years ago

Matt, I agree with how you said that children eating fast food on a daily basis, is bad for their mentality and that they need a change.