ABSS   Epic   Fails

                                           Soccer Fails                         25 March 2014

Today I will tell you some epic fails that had occured in the Abss in 6 and 5 grade games in the court from March.

First Fail: One day we were playing a game vrs fifth grade, Chino had the ball and he passed the ball to Giorgio when suddenly he kicked the ball to the goaly and hited accidentaly his brother in the face. Alejandro felled like a paper to the floor, then everyone including me started laughing and fall to the floor to laugh.

Second fail: The second fail occured when I threw the ball with my feet to the air and Kevin from fifth grade hited the ball with his head and threw it to thier own goaly, and was an autogoal. Then all the fifth graders strated telling Kevin dumb, because he made an auto goal.

                                                                        THE END