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by Jomar Hilario

The Secret to a High Earning Business

If you ask a carpenter how to become a good carpenter, he’ll say ”Study Carpentry”

If you ask an architect how to become a good architect, she’ll say ”Study Architecture”

If you ask a real estate seller how to become a like him, he’ll say ”Study to become a licensed broker.”

But if you ask any of the above – how to increase sales — the correct answer is just one answer:“Study Marketing”. No, not selling, marketing.

Selling is learning how to make a single face to face sale.Marketing is the design of the brochure, the script for the sales man, the colors for the website and the words in the email letters and the free offers placed on Facebook for example.

That’s the secret to a high earning business.

How To Attain Business Success through Marketing

Some gurus call it “Real World Marketing”Business people call it “Street Smart Marketing”.  I simple call it “Common Sense Marketing”.It’s the first key to starting up and sustaining online incomes.Problem is, not a lot of people have a good marketing background. What you may have is a selling experience in MLM or insurance or real estate. That’s not marketing.  Here’s what others have to say…

When I got the email offer from Jomar about the Marketing Success Formula, I immediately enrolled!

You can be sure that anything from Jomar which has something to do about the Internet, success and marketing has to be great!

On my part, I have committed to learn everything that he would teach.Oh yeah, you also learn clarity. You will be surprised on how important this is during one of the meet ups. Jomar is also an info-junkie.

He can’t help but blurt out IMPORTANT stuff that has tons of value (he gave a marketing suggestion once that was so simple, everybody thought it was trivial.I decided to try it out of boredom. It worked! We made an unlikely sale from someone who lived far away from our establishment).

- Sixto Carlos, DVM, MS and a non-techie who has applied successful marketing techniques.

“Through Jomar’s mentoring, I created, developed, and improved my own blogs at and http://mannixdeduque.comI built and maintained a company’s online community that consisted of 2,000++ members.
I also led a team of website developers and designers for the creation of that company’s website; created an online sales page; managed its domain names, web & email hosting; created the company’s online store;

I became a consultant, trainer & speaker of that company and earned extra income for my family.”- Mannix de Duque, Army Officer

Join us (2 people: You and Your Assistant)
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FEB 26 – Live, Thursday, 1 pm-5 pm
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MAR 26 – Live, Thursday, 1 pm-5 pm
MAR 28 – Online, Saturday, 8pm-11pm

For only P 6,485 for 2 people (you & assistant) / month.

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