Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Flaming Lips recreate the mystic spacey studio magic

        Along with the contributions from many other relevant artists, the groundbreaking 1967 Beatles album of Sgt. Pepper, just got weirder... if that's even possible.

        It's no surprise that the Flaming Lips would cover such legendary an album as  Sgt. Pepper. Once you trace back to the band's roots you can find their early releases of
classic rock covers from Led Zeppelin to Louis Armstrong, with the sole reason being that they loved the songs. Despite the on pour of dissatisfied reviews, personally my ears were tickled pink after the first run through of the album. So with that vice, I found it detrimental to determine exactly what made this astro arhythmic take so appealing to me.

        In my book, what sets apart a cover from it's original, is the exploration of melody, rhythmic momentum, and overall undercurrents. This can put an emphasis onto other things and show alternative interpretations of music. Usually with most remakes, the artist seems to sort of call out to the original and show how it has played a part in their lives. When I hear a remix, it's almost like a continuation from the original or reminder. Often I'll hear or see people argue about a certain version being superior to another, but why can't they coincide?

       Most importantly, the Lips and their cohorts  were able to capture an entirely visceral ambiance, nut-shelling the spirit of what made the original beetles album so well recognized. All in all what needs to be accepted is that it's not going to sound like the original, and it's not supposed to, once you can get past that you can truly enjoy the album. I appreciate the work done, and look forward to music videos and works like this in the future.