lesson Plan: Business Proposal Project
The Mix
By: Tatiana Chopin

The reason I chose this type of company to start off is because it is a small goal to achieve until I get to my bigger goal. The size of the building is a good size to start a small restaurant business. This company is what I always wanted to do when growing up. I wanted to become a chief and own my own restaurant with my family and friends that wanted to join in.

Some one would chose me instead of my competitors because they probably would want to eat in a cozy small place with or without their family. My competitors try to hard to make their customers happy to be there. Me, in the other hand, I try also to make my customers happy. But I want them to make themselves to be comfortable without me trying so hard.

My products and services are different than many. My restaurant has a fancy and original side with Spanish foods. I will have 12 waitresses to serve my customers. I will also have 2 chiefs in the kitchen cooking the food.