Tour Canada

Brianna Diaz Garcia

First Nations are the  first groups of people that traveled into Canada by a crossing land bridge from Asia to North America, about 12,000 years ago

Multiculturalism is the acceptance of many different cultures, race, religion, and  etc...

Refugees are people that flee their country to escape war, disaster or persecution

Canada is made up of many different refugees from China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Constitutional Monarchy is when there is a government with a constitution but still  an allegiance to a king or queen

Past Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau achieved to add the Charter of Rights to Canada's constitution in 1982

In Canada, separatists are people that want Quebec to become an independent country

Mostly Canada's economy is 80% of  exports

English and French

Most Canadians are bilingual for Canada has 2 official languages

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