Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was one of the best-known writers of poems and stories in the 19th century. He often wrote horror-fiction stories. Many people thought that Edgar was weird because his stories were very strange.  He wrote many famous poems including Raven, Annabel lee and The bells. His book, The raven was his most popular book and made him much more popular.

After his childhood, Edgar tried to go to college but he had too many debts. A few years later, he finally was able to go to college. After college, he moved to Virginia and lived with his aunt. Living with his aunt, he fell in love with his 13-year old cousin. He then married her. They were very happy and Edgar even wrote poems about his wife. After 13 years of happy marriage,  Edgar's 26-year old wife died.

Edgar was devastated. He stopped writing for months. Finally, he moved to Philadelphia where he lived for years. He was engaged to a person that he liked but they never got married. He then went to Baltimore where he disappeared for a few days. He was found in a bar wearing clothes that weren't his. He then died in a hospital a few days later. Even though Edgar Allan Poe died many years ago, his legend is still with us and all the popularity he gave to poetry.   


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