5 photo story taken by Owen

Photo taken by Owen and Story made my Tyler

One sunny after noon its about 90 degrees out just a beautiful dad. Im walking through the woods in joying nature like always. Im walking down the mowed path to try to find a good place to set up a trail camera. I get about 300 yards down that mowed path and I see a big foot print. I could not  tell what it was.

Its coyote track. I set the trail camera up there just so I can see if he comes by here gain the deer are starting to have there babies. I do not need that coyote eating them. I keep on walking down the path to are big lake. I hear a weird sound that is not suppose to be in my woods I run up the hill and see.

The neighbors beautiful big brown horse standing there eating the fresh cut grass. I give dad a call and say all the neighbor there horse is in are grove almost up by are pond. Dad said just take it up to the pond and give him some thing to drink and the neighbor and i will be waiting her with the trailer.

The horse and I walk up the trail and we go up to the pond to get something to drink. We start on are way back and i text dad and said on are way and he said okay we are waiting here . The horse sees the trailer, it takes no time the horse runs right in the trailer. The farmer says thanks and gives me 10 bucks and drives off.

Dad and I hop in the truck and take off down the mowed CRP path. Looking for whiled life and trying to spot some deer. Farther down the path we had to turn around because it got to wet. Mom called and said supper is ready. We fly down the road and go eat.