Birth Control

Thinking beyond the pill

Some people believe that after the the pill, development of new birth control methods was no longer necessary. This is simply not the case. Although many women have been happy to hand over partial control of their bodies to Big Pharma, they should educate themselves on what their bodies are actually doing.

In recent years, this has started to change, with women reevaluating the side effects of using hormonal methods

Birth control is....


1. Developing with new birth control methods. (role expectation & manifest function)

2. People should get themselves educated on what exactly their bodies are actually doing. (role expectation & manifest function)

3.  A growing number of devices and methods aim to help leverage and allow women to work naturally with their bodies rather than control them with chemicals. (latent function)

4. You take birth control in order to not get pregnant so without thinking about additional problems you have sex without a condom at the knowledge birth control will protect you from getting pregnant. You now have aids. The aids is the( latent effect.)


1. Sperm can survive within the female body for up to five days.

2.This means there are only six days per cycle on which sexual intercourse could lead to pregnancy, five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation.

3. Time-tested methods, such as tracking the basal body temperature or hormonal levels, can now be augmented with modern scientific research and robust statistical methods, increasing both convenience and effectiveness. (role performance)


1. The debate about hormonal and alternative birth control must be engaged in order to gain traction against an entrenched Big Pharma establishment.

2.The average age at first sex is about 18, while the average age at first birth has increased to 25. (role performance)

3. long-acting but easily reversible methods that are considerably more effective have been introduced in the U.S.  these different intrauterine devices are (I.U.D.s) and the contraceptive implant, which is inserted under the skin of the arm.

Birth control is...

The idea of this method created to prevent unwanted pregnancy sounds like a good idea. Theres many people that refuse to use condoms and suffer that change of getting pregnant. Its usually those youngsters thats go throughout this. That is why there are many young teens with kids. Birth control is a very serious topic. And to me its seems like and easier way to take care of this problem. But we got to think about the consequences as well. I suggest women that use this pill get informed before anything because it can be fatal. There are always consequences that follow with making decisions to use items like this. Also there should be more research done before letting this product out to the public. Since there has been lawsuits towards this pill there should be research on it, to make it safer.

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