Becoming An Actor

The career that I am heading for is to become a cosmetologist but becoming a famous actor was the very first thing that popped up in my head. I can still remember sitting in front of my T.V. watching Sesame Street and Barney wondering why I wasn't with the children on the show playing and singing. As I grew up the idea still stuck on with me and I began to get more serious with acting. The first serious time with an actual production was with my school musical but I've done earlier mini plays and skits. I got the main role of being the Big Bad Wolf in the musical "The Big Bad Musical." It was fun, stressful, and an experience that I will not forget. After that I began to continue on with more acting mainly in skits which mostly was improvise. I then did more research and I've auditioned for an agency... I've made it in... but I've quit because at the moment my family aren't capable to support me into the career but that does not mean it has stopped in my heart because I will find every other way to achieve the career... Because I'm desperate like that but that part about me is for a different story... so just focus on the acting part...

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JENNY                              Sha'Quanday

Say hello to Jenny to the left and Sha'Quanday to the right... Sha'Quanday will be in a video wishing everyone happy New Year!! #Asian #Korean #Hmong #happynewyears #YouTube #2015

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